Maurizio Magretti - Artwork

Maurizio Magretti – Artwork

“Painting today can only be born from the knowledge of the past”
I bought my training is attended from the age of 13 years studying the Master of Painting Fornaini Henry, who was for me a guide with loads of great human and taught me to deal with sacrifice and humility to their work as painter acquires both a remarkable technical background and artistic.

Later, I was a student of Prof. Farulli and Prof. Cardini Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. Da loro ho appreso le tecniche della scuola figurativa, tuttavia con interpretazioni più distaccate della realtà, che mi hanno aperto nuovi orizzonti. From them I learned the techniques of the arts school, but with more detached interpretations of reality that I have opened new horizons.

Maurizio Magretti - Storm

Maurizio Magretti – Storm

The basis of my painting is the study from life.

With the landscape and portraiture, I try to convey feelings and new issues, customizing a modern well-developed themes already in past centuries, according to a personal reading.