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MAURIZIO MAGRETTI received his training in the figurative school of the painter Enrico Fornaini where, baginning at the age of thirteen,  he began to work in representational art techniques. He attended Florence’s Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) where he was a student of Farulli and of Caldini. He assisted in and later taught summer “Fresco Painting” seminars organized by the Academy’s Professor Saldarelli in Caprese Michelangelo (Arezzo).

He has completed numerous fresco cycles, murals and other decorative projects in villas and churches in Italy and abroad.

Maurizio Magretti born in Pontedera on September 26, 1966 and resides in Capannoli, always in the province of Pisa, where he lives and works.

From summer ‘88 part in international seminar “Art, Science and Environment”, in Caprese Michelangelo, where he performed with other students dell’AABB, a copy of a fresco in the Sistine Chapel.

In May ‘91, attends the prize of Painting “first wall”, organized by the Lions Club in the Church of St. Christopher in Milan, for which a selection is made of students from 12 Italian Academies of Fine Arts.

Has participated in group exhibitions, awards and art shows with success.

These are the most significant stages of his career:

1990 – Solo exhibition Barga (Lucca).
1992 – Solo exhibition at Palazzo Sani (Lucca).
1992 – Solo exhibition persso the headquarters of the Workers of Cascina.
1994 – Altarpiece “The Eucharist” in the Parish of Cascina.
1994 – Fresco “Baptism of Jesus Church Apse Villa S. Marco. Marco.
1995 – Personal exhibition at “La Palette” Pontedera.
1995 – Altarpiece “Supper at Emmaus” Church of St. Joseph Pontedera.
1996 – Fresco attic “The four cardinal virtues” Villa San Marco.
1996 – Fresco attic “Allegory of music,” Villa San Marco.
1997 – Fresco attic “The Four Seasons” Villa San Marco.
1997 – Personal exhibition, “decorations and frescoes in a villa dlle Pisan hills, in the Municipal Gallery of Cascina.
1999 – fresco “Allegory of the history of Art and Culture of Cascina” Sala Giunta Municipality of Cascina.
2000 – Altarpiece “Annunciation” in the Parish of Cascina.
2001 – Decoration ceiling room CO.CU.BIN Representation. Marina Militare La Spezia. Navy La Spezia.
2005 – Toti Bar Via S. Martino Pisa – Fresco with Pisa landscape
2006 – Moscow (Russia) – ARCHIPROJECT: Decorations in the pools and wellness rooms of various tropical-style villas
2006 – Hotel di Stefano (PI) Ceilings decorated with classic motifs, bouquets, portals and landscapes in the rooms of the attic where it is proposed among curtains in different corners of Pisa.
2007 – Moscow – Monochrome decoration on a large ceiling, on portals and ceilings of a villa on the outskirts of the city
2007 – Pisa – Frescoes in the breakfast room depicting the Lungarni of Pisa both on the Mezzogiorno and Tramontana. So the visitors with the Arno’s shoulders, the nearby Lamps and the fake curtains are excited to be outside to have breakfast. Trompe l’oeil on the parking lot that illusates the visitor that the trees above the wall continue to the ground, where the painted fountain confuses between a true bas-relief of a putto with the other paintings to end the enriched garden with tufts of orchids.
2008 – Hotel Bologna (Pisa): frescoes and decorations in all rooms of the hotel.
2008 – AMEDEI (Chocolates) – Decoration of the entire facade of the shed depicting gingerly the chocolate fruits that are subsequently propagated on their commercial packaging
2009 – Kazakhstan: Al Maty and Studio Palladia Pietrasanta.
2009 – Moscow: Pool and Villa (Archiproject).
2010 – Florence: frescoes in the center (MADUE and Studio Lera).
2010 – Valenza: Frescoes Museum of the Jewel (Arch. Arlunno).
2010 – Dubay (United Arab Emirates) – Villa on the Palm: Decorations and Trompe l’oeil depicting Venice and imitation frames have ceilings in the stairs and salons.
2011 – “Madonna del Soccorso” Fauglia (PI) – Fresco on an exterior ceiling of a corridor depicting the foundation coat of arms with the portraits of the four founders of the Spice enclosed in elegant cartouches.
2011 – Moscow (Russia) – ARCHIPROJECT: Mural paintings made in their construction sites with monochromatic landscapes and fake ceiling views featuring the city’s most important monuments and future ones even in the design. The whole is enclosed in a dark cornice that illusits ​​the spatial depth Helping me with the back light effect as well.
2011 – “Madonna del Soccorso” – Interior Chapel of Spizio di Orientano (PI): Wall painting on the wall and ceiling representing the center of the apse, the Christ with the Sacred Heart observing the flight of doves, supporting the cross of the crown Of the Rosary; On the side walls the Holy Protectors Santa Chiara and San Tommaso. Under the altar the Holy Shroud. At the ceiling the coat of arms of Our Lady of the Assumption surrounded by the Rosary Crown.
2011 – Restoration of the living room and staircase with removal or descialbo of the previous paintings and restoration with pictorial reconstruction of the missing.
2011 – Florence – Cleaning and restoration of existing paintings on the ceilings of private villa.
2012 – Milan – Trompe l’oeil decoration of a mansard ceiling requiring a strong spatial perspective illusion, created with sky and frescos of wisteria on a cannique structure resting on fake decorative frames.
2012 – Vicopisano – Restore parietal decorations.
2013 – Fornacette – Fresco Chapel “Resurrection”
2013 – Cannes (France) – Decors inside a private villa
2013 – I restore the fresco and altarpiece in the Church of S. Maria a Monte
2014 – Church of Montespertoli: apse ceiling frescoes and central nave with the Evangelists and Baptismal Source
2015 – Restore private villa in Pescia
2015 – Casciana Terme (PI): Trompe l’oeil “Il contadino porta in negozio”, “TOSCANIMA”
2016 – Decore Villa Montelonti – Poggibonsi (SI) – (see overview 360)
2016 – Milan – Ceiling Fresco Barrah Bar
2016 – Decors inside a private villa in Cannes (France)
2016 – Hospice of Fauglia (PI): Decorations on the ceiling of the external loggia with historical characters from the hospice
2016 – Pontedera (PI): AMEDEI Chocolate Shop facade decoration
2017 – Colleoli (PI): “Monochromatic landscapes”, decoration on the internal walls of the restaurant entrance
2017 – Pisa: restoration of the wall paintings inside the building in Via Trieste
2017 – Marina di Pietrasanta: Gazebo painting on the ceiling at the entrance of the Hotel Tiziana
2017 – Cascina (PI): fresco on the ceiling of the Salvioli pastry shop
2018 – Pisa: Frescoes on the ceiling and stairwell of the Palazzo Gigli
2018 – Rosignano (LI): restorations and internal decorations
2018 – Cascina (PI): decorations on the new ceiling of the Salvioli pastry shop
2018 – San Giovanni alla Vena (PI): Trompe l’oeil and decorations at Hotel Villa Maria
2019 – Pisa: cleaning of decorations at the palace in Piazza Torricelli
2019 – Malta: “Porto Antico landscape”, decorations on ceilings and walls in a private villa
2020 – Decorations Hotel Di Stefano (Pisa)



Architects and interior designers

If you wish to offer your customers frescoes or painted decoration of ceilings or walls, or trompe l’oeil I look forward to working with you to help them present the best proposal for the decoration.

After having agreed to implement the theme, run a watercolor sketch to present the client to give a precise idea about the final result of the work, respecting the subjective tastes and follow the signs personally, based on the techniques I learned in the school of the Master Fornaini.

Determined as a painted ceiling or a trompe l’oeil paintings on the wall, reach the highest perfection of painting and realism.


For individuals and companies

Frescoes and decorations on walls, ceilings, or trompe l’oeil, which realizes in every environment, are always customized with decorative themes, or landscapes, or portraits.

The goal is to enhance the personal tastes and inclinations of the client, according to the techniques I learned in the school of Master Fornaini.

Once the desired theme, the theme I make a sketch watercolor, according to the wishes of the client, to give a precise idea about the final result of the work.

The first sketch is free for all those who contact me via the website.



Clients: Villas, Stands, Offices, Shops, Home


Maurizio Magretti
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