Trompe l’Oeils

Trompe l’Oeils


Maurizio Magretti - trompe l'oeils

Maurizio Magretti – trompe l’oeils

The trompe l’oeils illusions are natural or architectural, artistic works painted on walls or ceilings, on canvas applied to wall panels or blocks. With the technique of trompe l’oeil are created heaven, landscapes, landscapes, architectural elements in perspective, themes such as artistic allegories, religious art, etc.
The trompe l’oeil is one of the oldest forms of decoration already used by the Greeks and Romans.

The term “trompe l’oeil” in French means “fool the eye” and is identified with a painting technique that imitates the real time to eliminate an existing wall and make it a garden, terrace, sea views …

The architecture of a room can be changed by acting on the ceiling of very smooth and bare (by putting in place ornaments, boxes, rosettes, cornices, open-air pavilions), enriching the forms or by opening new spaces to architecture. We always have to reflect the furnishings, personal taste and the environment that surrounds us. In the context of the furnishings you can perform monochrome paintings in various shades of colors to create harmony with the environment that receives them.

There are many individuals, the hotels and restaurants or shops that, helped by architects and interior designers, making use of the decoration to give more personality to their rooms and premises.

Maurizio Magretti - Swimming pools Trompe L'oeils

Maurizio Magretti – Swimming pools Trompe L’oeils

The draperies and fabrics are also a very important, if not integral, the trompe l’oeil decoration. It can indeed change the decorative effect with the use of a fabric patterned with the application of elements of trimming – more or less worked – always in relation to the style environment.